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His lives                       



His lives

Ski and Mountain                                                                
                                           French Ski Federation
                                           Chasseurs Alpins  
                                           Learning to fly
                                           Free French
                                           Air France
                                           Ecole des Beaux Arts
                                           Early cartoons and illustrations
                                           Book illustrations: Daninos, Art Buchwald, Si t'es Gai ris Donc
                                           Advertisements and posters: Perrier, Scandale, Marie Brizard, Klosters...
                                           Scarves and fashion: Buergenstock, Davos, SCAP,
                                           Dinnerware, house wares: Kreier, Limoges
                                           Political cartoons: Paris Match, Elle, Marie Claire, Esquire...
                                           Books: Ski de A a P, Les FranceMoyens
                                           Paintings: as Enrigui, and as Jacques Charmoz

La Famille                            Barbara Overton Mosby 

                                            Jacques Marc Albert 

                                            Remy Thomas

                                            Frederica Barbara

                                            Helene  Charmot Laborde

                                                       His friends: Ichac, Allais, Klein, Shaw, DeWulf, Viertel, Cornille, Thomas, Rushp...


          His Hobbies                       Le VIP


                                                    Good food and conversation




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