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This site is dedicated to Jacques Henri Guy Charmot dit Charmoz, mountaineer, skier, aviator, artist, father.

His remarkable life and accomplishments are chronicled, and his  art is displayed in various categories: illustrations, fashion, political satire, painting, advertising, house wares.... and his own books of cartoons



Born in 1911 in Paris France, Jacques Charmoz'  life spanned 69 years, and saw him travel to all continents of the world.

His early accomplishments involved skiing and mountain climbing all while he was earning a degree at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. His skills led him to become a member of the French Ski Team, and he competed in the Olympics. As a result, he and his teammate deWulf were invited to Chile by the Armed Forces to create Andean ski troups, patterned after the famous Alpine ski troops (chasseurs Alpins), in order to defend Chile's 4,000 kilometers of borders with its Andean neighbors. 

As WWII broke out in 1939, Jacques found himself in the USA, on his way back from Chile. Unable to join the effort in the USA which did not join the war until Pearl Harbor, he made his way to Canada, trained as an aviator, and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force's Ferry Command. Later, he was transferred to the Royal Air Force (RAF)

After WWII, he joined the new National French Airline, Air France, for whom he delivered the first aircraft, a Dakota, and then inaugurated the Paris-New York route on a DC4. In the early 50's, he became a contract flyer for the French Army in Vietnam when France fought the Indochina War.

By then, he had also settled as a father of 3, having married, in 1946, an American fashion model, Daughter of the American Revolution, Barbara Overton Mosby.

His life continued to bring creativity and excitement. Based out of Paris, he began his interrupted career as an artist in earnest. His talent was universally applauded, whether it be in the form of illustrations, political cartoons, design (advertising, fashion garments, house wares...), and finally paintings which blended his many artistic styles, including Haitian naive art, into Swiss landscapes.

Jacques passed on in 1981, but his memory lives on through those whose lives he touched, and particularly through his art. We are pleased to offer you a opportunity to sample his creativity, and his talent through these pages.


Also included is a page of memorabilia from his accomplishments.



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