In 1946, Jacques met Barbara Overton Mosby, a model and aspiring actress who had moved to Hollywood to further her career. As a commercial pilot after the war had ended, he had inaugurated the Paris-New York-Los Angeles route for Air France and found himself rubbing elbows with the glitterati in Movietown. Barbara was a beauty with a pedigree as old Virginia stock tracing its US origins to the 17th Century through the Winstons. She was Daughter of the American Revolution and related to John Singleton Mosby, known as the Grey Ghost during the Civil War.

They soon were married and had a son, Jacques Jr., born in Baltimore, before moving to the South of France where they had two more children: Remy and Frederica, known as Rica.

It was a fun-filled, yet turbulent marriage, with Barbara finding it hard to reboot her life in war-torn France, and Jacques criss-crossing the family between Paris, Klosters (Switzerland) and Juan-les_pins where he kept his 48 foot war surplus ChrisCraft boat.

It all came to boiling point in 1958 when Barbara took the children with her to her native Virginia and asked Jacques for a divorce. It became a protracted affair that saw two separate divorce decrees, the return of the children to France, and Barabara's settling in Paris to be close to them.

Jacques resumed his wandering life and seriously plied his trade as a now recognized artist in France and Switzerland where he spent most of his time.

He left us suddenly, at the young age of 69, the victim of complications following surgery. He rests at the family mausoleum at the Pere Lachaise in Paris.

Jacques, Jr., Rica and Remy in NYC

Of the three children, Rica is the only artist.

Jacques Jr., a born salesman, became a partner in a successful oil drilling equipment company in Paris, where he lives with his three children, Antoine, Martin and Josephine and his second wife Solange.

Remy emigrated to the USA in 1967 where he became an International businessman, later the CEO of a tech company, and then a Marketing Strategy Consultant. He married Maryann Sewell from Chicago and they had two children, Kristen and Alexander.

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